Great Pyrenees Puppies

Posted on 4th July 2021 in animals, Red Spruce

It’s been fascinating watching these little puppies grow over the last few weeks. They’ve gone from little sacs with unopened eyes, to jolly little roley poley creatures lapping at your heels to see what goodness might come of it.

We have 15 of them. It is typical for the breed of Great Pyrenees to have 6 – 9 puppies, so we have definitely got a very very large litter. They just seemed to keep coming out of her. We definitely weren’t expecting it as we had been doing everything we could to stop her from getting bred, and it wasn’t until the last few days before she gave birth where I started to notice her teets dropping and said: “I think Rosie’s going to have puppies.”

Well, here they are.

a puddle of great pyrenees puppies
sleeping great pyrenees puppies
adorable puddle of great pyrenees puppies
stretching pile of great pyrenees puppies
up close sleeping great pyrenees puppy
two sleeping great pyrenees puppies
two dog pile great pyrenees puppies
sleeping great pyrenees puppies
two closeup great pyrenees puppies
two great pyrenees puppies held
Crystal surveying hungry great pyrenees puppies
Rosie feeding great pyrenees puppies while standing up
yawning great pyrenees puppy
curious great pyrenees puppy
two curious great pyrenees puppies
roaming great pyrenees puppies
yawning great pyrenees puppies
a corner of great pyrenees puppies
a sitting great pyrenees puppy
a wobbly great pyrenees puppy
a wall of great pyrenees puppies
resting great pyrenees puppies
satisfied great pyrenees puppy
walking away great pyrenees puppy
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Animals on the Farm

Posted on 4th March 2021 in animals, Red Spruce

I think it’s not a farm unless there’s some kind of animal living on it that’s not human. Even just one chicken. It was definitely hard waiting to get animals here until we were ready, as we were all very eager to get on with the farming business rather than building dwellings and preparing proper living conditions and storage for the animals and produce we nurture here.

An example of what I’m talking about is with hay. We got animals before we had a place to store hay, we even got haying equipment! And there’s no way around the fact that over winter, animals need hay. However, we haven’t until this year had the space to store hay, and as a result, we have lost a lot of hay (read: learned hard lessons) to the elements. We did happily take the rotting hay and throw it on our garden as compost, but would have preferred to let the animals eat it all winter without having to buy good feed.

Now, we have quite the array of animals here. I’ve started keeping counts every few months (48 at last count). Spring is coming, so it’s going to be a time of newborns. Here’s a look at some of the special moments with them.

white cat named Bernie
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