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  • Heidelberg, Germany

    If you’ve been reading, or you know me, you know that I’ve just been gone to Europe for about five months. If you haven’t seen any of the photographs from other segments of this trip, you may also be interested in seeing Köln, Darmstadt, Frankfurt, Schleswig-Holstein, London, or Berlin. Yes, there will be much more…

  • Darmstadt, Germany

    This summer I spent a decent chunk of time living in a relatively small city just south of Frankfurt, Germany called Darmstadt. I cannot express how much this city influenced me, how it changed me, how it opened my eyes and moved me like a dancer. Just in this city. I won’t even get into…

  • Köln, Germany

    I headed to Köln for a pretty epic experience of the worlds best donair (mit frites), smokey dance bars, a gangster 10 year old, booking the wrong weekend hotel room and getting the penthouse cheaper, etc. I feel like I didn’t take enough photographs, but this is what happened.

  • Rhine River, Germany

    While in Germany, I had a change to go with a few friends to take the infamous Rhine River Boat tour. The best thing about it was the castles, easily, but there were also some other pretty cool moments, including wine tasting, a castle tour, and a walk through an old historic town.  

  • Berlin, Germany

    I came to Berlin to meet my friend Jaybo, and see his art show. One of the two I accomplished. Berlin was my stop over en-route to Riga, Latvia. I arrived in the early evening, and wandered the streets with no plan except that my flight was very early the next morning and I wouldn’t…